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sakis: Enjoy our updated website!
metalhead: OMG !!! This is awesome!!!!! :O
lucifer: This is a hell of a website! Well done guys and keep it up! \m/
Guest_6395: You made a really great work on this site! Congrats and keep the metal spirit alive! Rock on!
Guest_9175: Greetings from New York :D
Billy_Kamchatka: HI from Kamchatka, Russia. Thank you for what you guys do.
mreza hombre: hi from greece!
Guest_8107: Hail to all from Sweden !!!
Guest_7573: This radio rocks! salute from Brazil !
Guest_1875: in metal we trust !
sakis: We had some internet issues since Sunday 12/03/2017 but now everything is back to normal again. :D
sakis: Sorry for any inconvenience this may caused ....
Guest_2342: You are rocking my world !
Jack: so happy I found this, great station 10/10
Tobias Riper: Whats going on with site?
Tobias Riper: So sloooooow
sakis: Looks like the song DataBase is having issues. We are working on this. The rest of the site works just fine.
sakis: Once more, MySQL for Windows sucks eggs. Linux rules :D